750.00 DKK

Gift Card

You will enjoy a 3 hours class of your choosing at Madenitaly
All the food is 100% vegan and you will have the recipes to take home with you.

The time and dates for the classes will be announced early Januar 2020.

You can also choose to dine at the restaurant for the amount of the Gift Card.




Cooking classes 2020

The course will teach you how to make the dough along with some of our most popular toppings.

You will enjoy the pizza you make along with a glass of wine, and have the recipe to take home.

Cakes & Desserts:
You will learn how to use new techniques and vegan ingredients like aquafaba and plant based milks for delicious bakes like chocolate cake, carrot cake with vegan butter cream icing and macarons.

Learn how to make vegan gluten-free dishes like Arancini, Gnocchi and chocolate mousse.

You will enjoy the dishes you make along with a glass of wine and have the recipe to take home.

Learn how to use cashews and almonds to make delicious cheeses like ricotta and Camembert.

You will enjoy a tasting of cheeses along with a glass of wine.


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