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Our ingredients and mission

Pizza made from the scratch!

Madenitaly are experts when it comes to pizza, and not just any pizza, ours covers all of the bases; it’s authentically Roman, gourmet and most importantly made with long rising dough.

The result? A crispy crust pizza, light and tasty. The forty eight hour pizza dough and topping preparations are entirely made in our kitchen using only top quality and fresh ingredients. Our flour is 100% organic and it is a mix of tipo 1, and whole spelt flour.

In 2016 we chose to become a fully vegetarian kitchen, with the mission to make sustainable and healthy food, we take care of the planet we are living in just as we care for our customers and believe that it’s possible to eat tasty and healthy food while also paying respect to the environment and animals.


Organic Ingredients

Our organic stone ground flour is from Verona, our mozzarella is made with organic Danish jersey milk and vegetable rennet. And in addition we use organic vegetables from danish local farms.


Vegetarian & Vegan

We clean, cut and cook our vegetables fresh every day to give you the tastiest pizza in town!


Our story

Our story is a difficult one to tell as we are in a state of perpetual change. The only thing we can say for sure is that our crew is made up of professional bakers, cooks, and charismatic sales people, with a passion for food.

Although we place Italian tradition in the highest regard, we also love to experiment inside this tradition, with a keen eye on what is going on outside our small kitchen. We love to share and and exchange knowledge  with  new people who can teach us how to improve and diversify The bottom line is we put all of our effort into making a great pizza.

Our product: vegetarian, organic, tasty and made from the scratch using a variety of only the best fresh and seasonal ingredients. We purchase our products daily from local sources in the city markets or directly from Italy, which results in a beautiful colorful menu that transcends the changing seasons.

Vegetarian Pizza Selection



Tomato sauce and organic mozzarella

PATATE and pesto

Potatoes, mozzarella, rosemary and homemade vegan pesto


PATATE and truffle

Organic potatoes, rosemary, truffle



Fresh tomatoes, oregano, organic mozzarella


Aubergine, mozzarella, basil, tomato, organic burrata and almond cheese


Seasonal mixed mushrooms, tomato, persille and garlic



Raw artichokes marinated in lemon, tomato sauce parsley and garlic



Organic romanesco broccoli, pine nuts, walnuts, raisins, organic mozzarella


Dark and white pepper, courgette flowers and mozzarella


Red onions, caramelized rhubarb and asparagus



Organic chickpeas cream and mixed vegetables


Onion upsidedown

Onions, fresh tomatoes origin and olives


Upsidedown frigitelli

Green peppers, chilly, fresh tomatoes



Beetroots pesto (organic beetroot, parmesan, pine nuts), gorgonzola cheese and dill


Almond cream and gratin courgette

Almond/ garlic cream, gratin courgette and fennel, fresh tomatoes


Seitan and Cicory

Homed organic seating, chicory and homemade cashew cheese


Green peas and beetroots

Green peas cream, bake beetroots, soya yogurt, fresh mint and wasabi peas


Eggplants, figs and coffee

Eggplant/basil cream, fried eggplant, fresh figs, coffee beans


Located in Papirøen

Come and enjoy the best pizza in town


We are located in Papirøen, Copenhagen Street Food, a trendy and popular market which we are proud to be part of.

We take the good with the bad at Copenhagen Street Food; facing some challenges (especially for an organic long rising pizza!)  but at the same time appreciating the benefits, most notably, customer contact and the exchange of understanding we share…

For all of us on the Madenitaly team it’s like being at home 🙂

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