Sunday, the 2nd of June, Madenitaly will be back in Copenhagen with roman pizza tasting menu at H15. We will also offer a selection of vegan cheeses. More info on Instagram and Facebook!



First Italian vegan restaurant in Denmark.

After a long period focusing on pizza and having reached a high level of vegan toppings in Copenhagen street food we ventured on an adventure of opening our own restaurant, right in the side street of Nyhavn. In April 2018 we opened our doors and expanded our plant based menu to homemade pasta, cakes, homemade seitan, soy and cashew cheeses and much much more. Our restaurant is ever evolving but never compromises on the quality and sustainability of the food we serve, which is something we value very deeply.

Our 100% vegan menu card is composed of foods that are traditionally Italian, with our own MADENITALY twist on it. Many things are always changing here at MADENITALY but you can always be sure you will be greeted with a smile and food that is: plant based, full of taste and made completely from scratch, based on a responsible choice.

To cook means


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Food is awareness




First italian vegan resturant in Denmark

We are

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Not a concept food

We are researching and selecting plant-based cheese in Italy and all over Europe

With our great focus on ingredients, their growth process and where they come from we have long time ago transformed into a fully plantbased eatery. Always inspired by our Italian roots, we focus on taste, colour and freshness of the ingredients our meals are prepared from. Since 2015 we started to research and investigate the production of plant-based cheeses, and now we are importing regularly from two small factoryes in Italy different types of organic vegan cheese both for the selling and for the food production.

EVENTS Vegan & Social!

We like to organize events in our restaurants, to introduce the food we produce and to share as much as possible our passion for food and help to get familiar with plant based cousin. In this occasion we are used to prepare special menu. To attend the event booking is requested (email: info@madenitaly.dk )To follow the event we suggest to look at our Facebook page.

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