About MadenItaly

We started as a little stand at Copenhagen Street food serving traditional Roman pizza slices. Serving colourful square pizza slices with long maturing dough. Pizza being traditionally a fast food, we based our concept on high quality slow food pizza loved by many who visited.

Since then we ventured on an adventure of opening our own restaurant, right in the side street of Nyhavn. In April 2018 we opened our doors and expanded our plant based menu to homemade pasta, lasagne, cakes, homemade seitan, vegan vine, cashew cheese and much much more. Our concept is ever evolving but never compromises on the quality of the food we serve, which is something we value very deeply.

Our 100% vegan menu card is composed of foods that are traditionally Italian, with our own Madenitaly twist on it. Whatever the season offers we adjust to it, making sure we source most of our ingredients locally with the environment on our minds.

You can start exploring the menu. And of course, our team being Italian, we always have freshly ground Italian coffee to get you going for the day!

Many things are always changing here at Madenitaly but you can always be sure you will be greeted with a smile and food that is : vegan, plantbased, full of taste and made completely from scratch, based on seasonal ingredients.