Better bio – Fermaggio (250gr)

55.00 kr.

The Better is produced from the stable emulsion of coconut oil, with slightly fermented cashew cream, cold-pressed sunflower seed oil from Italian organic cultivation and whole sea salt from the salt pans of Trapani (Sicily). Unlike a margarine , contains only high quality vegetable oils, the addition of cashews gives the product aroma, color and a part of carbohydrates and proteins and the addition of salt gives the product taste and a pleasant contrast.

It can be used in all preparations where normal butter is required. It can be used for the production of biscuits, puff pastry, creaming risotto and pasta, thickening a cream and much more.

Ingredients: deodorized coconut oil* 46.6%, CASHEW*19%, water, cold-pressed sunflower seed oil* 15%, sunflower lecithin*, whole sea salt. May contain traces of other NUTS (MACADAMIA NUTS*)*Organic

Weight: 240g

Expiration: 60 days. Once opened, the product should be consumed within 4-5 days. It can be frozen.

Storage methods:

Store in the refrigerator +4+8°c


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