Kremhù (truffled) – Veghu

This surprising spreadable cheese enriched with white truffle and vegetable charcoal, is made with premium quality ingredients, able to amaze the most demanding palates of those who are looking for new flavors and new emotions.

Perfect for dressing pasta, rice and ravioli first courses.

Ingredients: cashews, water, fermented tofu (water, soy, salt, rice, sesame oil), deodorised coconut oil, activated charcoal, white truffle aroma, sea salt.

Net weight: 200g
Keep it refrigerated between 1°C and 4°C
Expiration date indicated on the package.

The natural mineral water that we use in our preparations is taken from the Siete Fuentes spring in Santu Lussurgiu (or) and is microbiologically pure.


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